CREATIVE PEDAL is a place where bright minds discover their extraordinary ingenious and put it to work. Here, we welcome insightful ideators and problem solvers. Wins are celebrated and achievements are recognized. Passion drives us, challenges inspire us, and we work as smartly for each other as a team as we do for our client’s brand. Ours is the driving force to keep your brand a notch above the rest. Make it yours.

What is pedal: Much like a Pedal for a cycle, CREATIVE PEDAL provides the necessary momentum and speed to your business and performs as a driving force behind the growth of your business. It helps businesses reach their target audience step by step with proper research and strategy, keeps the business top of the mind for customers, and ultimately turns a product or service into a ‘Brand’.


The Creative Marketing way is honesty in delivering assessments, setting goals, executing tasks, monitoring performance, evaluating progress, and learning from experience.

Research & Knowledge Base

We analyze past experiences and extract the lessons learnt. Therefore, our clients benefit from a knowledge base perfected over the years. We always study before we tackle the task. We know where to look and what to look for. We save our clients the headache of trial and error.

Quality Control

Our internal auditing mechanism ensures several filtration layers. This way, the result amounts to delivering only the crème de la crème to the client.

Plans, Timeframes & Measurables

Whether exclusive creatives or year-long campaigns, our clients are presented with clear action plans. They’ll have solid time frames and measurables to track the progress.

Involvement & Follow-up

Our clients are involved in every step along the way. Because we are wired for long-term contracts and retained customers. We assign an Account Manager to cater to our client’s needs. In addition, they will receive regular status reports, supported by figures and visuals.


Ripal created a logo, videos and e- cards for my wedding. She is a very professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She came up with a terrific logo that I am very happy with. I am proud to post it everywhere. I would highly recommend Creative Peddle to anyone looking for designing services

Komal Agarwal

Great Experience. “The firm I use is Creative Peddle. They are exceptional and could greatly assist you in your effort to clearly identify your brand, message, products and services on the animations video, creatives, and throughout your marketing efforts. I highly recommend them.”

Avish Pareek

I wanted the musical e-invite for my wedding and Ripal designed the video in such a wonderful way, my whole family just loved it. She is so prompt and professional in her work. Would Highly recommend Ripal to my friends/relatives for their wedding.

Karishma Jain

I just love the designs made by Creative Peddle. They just know what to make whenever I asked them to give me some designs. Whether the menu or the brochure or the regular posts for my pages, they have always been the best. I look forward to working with them again and again. Creative Peddle is a team of best creative minds together!

Khadiza Khanam